Ballet souls

You are a ballet soul if you always dreamed of dancing ballet. It doesn’t matter if you had a lot of dance training or non, it is never too late to live your dream!

10 reasons why you should adopt ballet as a hobby

1. Ballet improves your posture and you start to look and feel more confident.
2. It trains and retains your flexibility ( I should probably write a separate post on how crucial the flexibility is for our health).
3. It’s a great fitness activity that helps you to build strong and lean muscles.
4. It improves your coordination and balance.
5. It trains your memory and keeps your brain active ( read the study done by the Helsinki university on amazing affects on the brain influenced by dance).

6. It’s an amazing social activity. Usually people that come to learn ballet are highly educated and great people to be around.

7. Ballet helps you to start feeling your body more and understand the strengths and weaknesses that you have to work on.

8. It is a good way to refine you technique as a foundation for other dance styles like: jazz, lyrical, contemporary etc.
9. It’s helps you better understand music, classical and modern productions, after ballet training you will see theatre productions an a completely new light.

10. It trains your character. Ballet is one of the most difficult but the most beautiful dance styles and requires a lot of patience and determination which later on can be applied in your life.

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