Group Mat Pilates Classes

Welcome to our Mat Pilates classes, where precision meets grace, and strength meets flexibility.

Led by instructor with a background in professional ballet and extensive training in STOTT Pilates, our group classes offer a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to Pilates, our sessions cater to women aged 30 to 70+, focusing on injury prevention,  post-pregnancy recovery (even if it was many years ago), and alleviating back pain.

With a foundation in Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced Mat Pilates, our classes seamlessly blend classical Pilates principles with modern techniques, ensuring a dynamic and effective workout for every participant. Experience the physical benefits of improved core strength, increased flexibility, and enhanced posture, while also reaping the mental rewards of stress relief, heightened body awareness, and improved focus.

Our personalized approach to instruction ensures that each client receives tailored guidance to suit their individual needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to prevent injuries,  regain strength post-pregnancy, or simply enhance your overall well-being, our Pilates classes provide a safe and supportive environment for achieving your fitness aspirations. Join us on a journey to wellness and discover the transformative power of Pilates in nurturing both body and mind.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

1. It builds longer, leaner muscles.
2. It promotes core strength and stability.
3. It prevents injury.
4. It provides relief from stress and back pain.
5. It improves posture.
6. It improves balance and coordination.
7. It enhances athletic performance.
8. It works as effective post-rehabilitation.
9. It heightens mind-body awareness.
10. It increases self-confidence.

How old do I have to be to participate in these classes?

Classes are suitable for people 18 — 70+ years of age!
Previous Pilates experience is not essential!

Who will it suit?

Anyone who wants to  have well-functioning body, build strong core muscles, prevent injury, develop better posture and keep their spine healthy!

What level are the classes?

Essential — Intermediate.

What is the duration of the class?

55 minutes.

When? Where?

Every Wednesday at 11.00

At the Dancexpression Portimão (

Wow much are the classes?

The prices of the Pilates classes are remain the same as those of adult ballet:

Drop in — 12€
4x — 40€ (10€)
8x — 70€ (8.75€)
Our packages are designed to match the number of weeks to the number of lessons included. For instance, a 4-class package is valid for 4 weeks, while an 8-class package is valid for 8 weeks. With 3 classes available weekly, you have the flexibility to use them as suits your schedule, even skipping weeks if needed. However, I advise against leaving too many unused classes until the last moment, as our schedule may vary, with some weeks offering 3 classes and others just 1. If you finish your package before its expiration, you’ll need to renew it earlier. Please note that package fees are non-refundable unless classes are canceled, so choose your option wisely before purchasing.

What to wear?

I recommend wearing comfortable sports of ballet clothes that won’t restrickt the movement.

Secure your spot by sending a message on WhatsApp at +351912251521 or email at!

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